Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps toward obtaining a Driver's License for a Junior Operator (person under 18)?
When can a student obtain a license?
How do I register my teen for a Driver Education Program?
Can a student get a Learner's Permit before they take their classroom session?
Can a student start scheduling and taking behind-the-wheel lessons before they take their classroom session?
Why are their different package prices for locations?
When does my Driver Education package expire?
What if I need to miss a classroom session?
When do my parents need to take the Parent Class?
How do I obtain a Learner's Permit?
Do you sell the RMV Driver's Manual to study for the permit test?
How do I schedule behind-the-wheel lessons?
Do you limit students to a certain number of driving lessons per month?
Where can you pick me up and drop me off for my driving lessons?
Can I change my pickup location after I schedule my lesson?
How do I cancel behind-the-wheel lessons?
Do you send reminders about our lessons?
How long will it take to complete all 12 lessons?
Why can't I see availability to schedule my first driving lesson?
Will you tell me when the monthly schedule opens?
What are Observation Hours?
I finished all requirements of my Driver Education Program. What's next?
What is a Driver Education Certificate of Completion?
Did I already pay my completion fees?
Can I schedule my road test through CS Driving School?
How much is the Group Road Test Sponsorship fee?
What fees are charged by the RMV?
What happens after I pass my road test?
What are the Junior Operator Restrictions?
What is the Parent's Supervised Driving Program for Massachusetts?
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